Important Updates 26/05/2020

The AdHoc-Now 2020 committee, considering the evolution of the COVID-19 outbreak, has decided to hold the conference entirely online. Further updates and instructions will be soon announced.


Detailed Program



Testing Session (to solve connection issues)

Opening session
Prof. Luigi Alfredo Grieco and Prof. Gennaro Boggia, Conference Chairs, Politecnico di Bari (Italy)


Key Note Speech 1
Empowering Internet of Things in Space though virtualization and federation of CubeSat constellations

Prof. Antonio Iera
Chaired by Gennaro Boggia

11.30 Coffee break

Technical Session 1 - Internet of Things and Internet of Medical Things
Chaired by Giovanni Valecce

  • New CAP Reduction Mechanisms for IEEE 802.15.4 DSME to Support Fluctuating Traffic in IoT Systems
    Florian Meyer, Ivonne Mantilla-Gonzalez, Volker Turau
  • Energy Saving in TSCH Networks by means of Proactive Reduction of Idle Listening
    Stefano Scanzio, Gianluca Cena, Adriano Valenzano, Claudio Zunino
  • Image-based mobility assessment in elderly people from low-cost systems of cameras: a skeletal dataset for experimental evaluations
    Laura Romeo, Roberto Marani, Antonio Petitti, Annalisa Milella, Tiziana D'Orazio, Grazia Cicirelli
  • Towards Long-Lasting Nanoscale Wireless Communications in the Terahertz Band for Biomedical Applications
    Vittoria Musa, Giuseppe Piro, Alfredo Grieco, Gennaro Boggia

Lunch Break


Key Note Speech 2
Toward Fully Programmable and Virtualized Wireless Networks for 5G and Beyond

Prof. Tommaso Melodia
Chaired by Yaser Jararweh

15:30 Coffee break

Technical Session 2 - Wireless systems
Chaired by Claudia Campolo

  • A Fault Tolerant LoRa / LoRaWAN relay protocol using LoRaWAN Class A devices
    Joffrey Hérard, Olivier Flauzac, Florent Nolot, Philippe Cola
  • IETF Reliable and Available Wireless (RAW): Use Cases and Problem Statement
    Georgios Papadopoulos, Fabrice Theoleyre, Pascal Thubert, Nicolas Montavont
  • Integrating an MQTT proxy in a LoRa-based messaging system for generic sensor data collection
    Kiyoshy Nakamura, Pietro Manzoni, Marco Zennaro, Juan-Carlos Cano, Carlos Calafate
  • Energy aware Epidemic Strategies for Wireless Opportunistic Networks
    Floriano De Rango, Mauro Tropea, Salvatore Amelio
  • Total Transmission Time Minimization Through Relay Selection for Full-Duplex Wireless Powered Cooperative Communication Networks
    Syed Adil Abbas Kazmi, Muhammad Shahid Iqbal, Sinem Coleri

Closing Remarks



Key Note Speech 3
Internet of Things: towards the development of a smart yet secure world

Prof. Sabrina Sicari
Chaired by Pietro Boccadoro


Technical Session 3 - Secure communication protocols and architectures
Chaired by Giuseppe Piro

  • A Cross-Layer Intrusion Detection System for RPL-Based Internet of Things
    Erdem Canbalaban, Sevil Sen
  • CROSS City: Wi-Fi Location Proofs for Smart Tourism
    Gabriel Maia, Rui Claro, Miguel Pardal
  • Secure Energy Constrained LoRa Mesh Network
    Derek Heeger, Maeve Garigan, Eirini Eleni Tsiropoulou, Jim Plusquellic
  • Testing and evaluating a security-aware pub&sub protocol in a fog-driven IoT environment
    Sabrina Sicari, Alessandra Rizzardi, Alfredo Grieco, Alberto Coen-Porisini
  • XSS Attack Detection Model Based on Semi-supervised Learning Algorithm with Weighted Neighbor Purity
    Xinran Li, Wenxing Ma, Zan(zane) Zhou, Changqiao Xu
11:40 Coffee break

Technical Session 4 - Intelligent, programmable and Delay- and Disruption-tolerant networks
Chaired by Sergio Martiradonna

  • Fast and Cost-Efficient Virtualized Network Function Placement Algorithm in Wireless Multi-hop Networks
    Zahra Jahedi, Thomas Kunz
  • Towards Named AI Networking: Unveiling the Potential of NDN for Edge AI
    Claudia Campolo, Gianmarco Lia, Marica Amadeo, Giuseppe Ruggeri, Antonio Iera, Antonella Molinaro
  • Dynamic management of forwarding rules in a T-SDN architecture with energy and bandwidth constraints
    Antonio Petrosino, Giancarlo Sciddurlo, Giovanni Grieco, Awais Aziz Shah, Giuseppe Piro, Alfredo Grieco, Gennaro Boggia
  • Evaluation of DTN Routing Algorithms in Scheduled Public Transport Networks
    José Irigon de Irigon, Felix Walter, Thomas Springer

Lunch Break


Key Note Speech 4
Back to the Future: Hardware-specialized Cloud Networking

Prof. Giuseppe Bianchi
Chaired by Pietro Boccadoro

15:30 Coffee break

Technical Session 5 - Internet of Drones and Smart Mobility
Chaired by Giuseppe Piro

  • Geocaching-inspired Navigation for Micro Aerial Vehicles with Fallible Place Recognition
    Michel Barbeau, Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro, Evangelos Kranakis
  • A Dual-stack Communication System for the Internet of Drones
    Pietro Boccadoro, Alessandro Santorsola, Luigi Alfredo Grieco
  • Consensus-based Algorithms for Controlling Swarms of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Raffaele Carli, Graziana Cavone, Nicola Epicoco, Mario Di Ferdinando, Paolo Scarabaggio, Mariagrazia Dotoli
  • STOP: a location spoofing resistant vehicle inspection system
    Henrique Santos, Rui Claro, Leonardo Sampaio Rocha, Miguel Pardal
  • A Simulation Framework for QoE-Aware Real-Time Video Streaming in Multipath Scenarios
    Manlio Bacco, Pietro Cassarà, Alberto Gotta, Massimo Puddu

Closing Remarks


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